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The Count Basie Theatre’s educational mission is to provide a foundation of cultural enrichment to students of all ages and economic levels. These efforts include arts instruction and coursework, plus unique programs like professional development for teachers and bus-in programs for students in underprivileged school districts. The theatre’s Education and Outreach Programs and its faculty aim to offer an ever-changing suite of programming designed to enrich the Count Basie Theatre community as a whole.


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Outreach Program


Furthering our mission to Challenge, Enrich, Educate and Inspire the Community
Bus-in School Field Trip Shows
From pre-school to high school, students from around New Jersey have the opportunity to come to Count Basie Theatre and see culturally enriching and theatrically exciting events that can be integrated to enhance any curriculum area. Over the past year, nearly 5,000 students, teachers and seniors have enjoyed our bus-in performances!


“REFLECTIONS IN BLACK”: Lula Washington Dance Theatre
February 25 • 10:30AM
Tickets: $10

Bringing awareness to African-American history and culture during our February 2015 Black History Month celebration, Lula introduces students to various dance styles including works or excerpts from their current tour. Ms. Washington trained at the highly respected and legendary school University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she received her Master of Fine Arts in Dance. She has since been engaging students in demonstrations and call and response exercises for over thirty years, and through her school has taught dance to over 45,000 inner-city students. Lula Washington Dance Theatre is the perfect interactive performance combining history, culture, performance and education during Black History Month.

March 31 • 11AM
Tickets: $10

The African Children’s Choir features children aged 7 to 10 singing a combination of well-known children’s songs as well as traditional and contemporary music. Inspiring audiences around the world through music, the African Children’s Choir bring audiences to their feet through the hope they emanate, the musical talent they share, and the power of their music.

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(i.e. If you pay for 39 seats, you will receive 1 additional seat at no charge, if you pay for 40 seats, you will receive 2 additional seats free of charge.)
Financial assistance for the Count Basie Theatre Bus-In Program is available.
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The Annual Basie Awards
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Congratulations to the winners of the 2013/2014 Basie Awards! 
Click here for the list of nominees for the 2013-2014 year
The 10th Annual Basie Awards will be presented on
Wednesday May 20, 2015  
The annual Basie Awards is the Count Basie Theatre’s assessment and evaluation program, patterned after Broadway’s Tony Awards to honor excellence in Monmouth County high school theatre.

The growth we’ve seen in the level of professionalism from each of the 27 participating schools -- from larger attendances at productions to growth in support for theatre departments from parents and administration members -- is testimony to the positive impact the Basie Awards have provided to the community.

We’re confident that the primary motivators for those involved in the awards process are the inherent, intrinsic rewards – and not just the momentary thrill of receiving an accolade or trophy. 
Click here for more information about the Basie Awards!
2014 Basie Award Winner - Outstanding Musical Presentation - Middletown High School South, Evita 

Central Jersey Youth Chorale: Free Program for Monmouth County Students grades 5-8
Classes will be held Mondays and Wednesdays from 5-6PM at Count Basie Theatre  

The Central Jersey Youth Chorale program is aligned with the Count Basie Theatre’s goal to provide multiple arts experiences to our community’s children. The program is free to all students, and runs from October through June under the musical direction of Kristopher Zook, a local conductor, composer and vocal music educator at Red Bank Regional High School. Rehearsals are held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5-6pm. There are currently 35 members of the chorale, hailing from nearly a dozen different Monmouth County schools.  Rehearsals are currently being held at the Red Bank Middle School.

The choir has performed at both RBRHS and also at a senior facility.  Most recently, the Central Jersey Youth Chorale made an appearance with the Rockit at the Basie concert in June.  Our goal for the 2014-15 school year is to add more students from the Asbury Park and Atlantic Highlands districts, and to add an assistant choir teacher who can focus on individual parts and varied talent levels.
The Central Jersey Youth Chorale performing at Red Bank Regional High School - March 2014 
Value of program:

Findings from the 2009 Chorus Impact Study conducted by Chorus America indicate that choral singing has multiple, positive effects on childhood development. The study notes that Choral singing can enhance ones intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development in many ways.

Young choral members will:
- Do better in their school studies, especially in mathematics;
- Exhibit improved memorization skills;
- Develop personal confidence and overcome shyness when speaking in public;
- Have a tendency to be healthier and sick less often;
- Acquire improved abilities to speak and enunciate more clearly
- Have better posture and body alignment
- Learn to breathe properly
- Make lasting friendships
- For stuttering students, eliminate stuttering while singing; 
- For English as a Second Language (ESL) students, learn their new language faster and better

In-School Arts Classes
Our Outreach program began as a collaboration with the Red Bank Borough School District in 2005. Today, we serve over 550 students annually with in-school, after-school, and summer performing arts classes in the Primary and Middle schools in Red Bank and the Joseph R. Bolger Middle School in

Our goal as educators is to instill a passion, appreciation and love of the arts. Besides enhancing one’s perspective and interpersonal skills such as communication, cooperation and creative problem solving, arts education is truly a magical elixir that raises one’s self –esteem, self-efficacy and confidence.

Teaching Artist Dorothy Sikora teaches a music class at Red Bank Primary School 
Need Help? Have Questions?
Contact the Education Department
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