Count Basie Theatre


The Count Basie Theatre strives to provide all patrons with an enjoyable experience in clean, safe and accommodating surroundings. The Count Basie Theatre is wheelchair accessible and accommodating for patrons who have limited mobility or who have visual and/or hearing impairments. If you require assistance, please inform our box office personnel of any special needs or requirements when purchasing tickets. The box office can be reached at (732) 842-9000.

Accessible seating is provided in various locations (and various price levels) throughout the orchestra, including: in the Right Orchestra, 2 positions in Row A, 1 position in Row Q and 2 positions in Row DD; in the Left Orchestra, 2 positions in Row A, 1 position in Row Q and 2 positions in Row DD; in the Center Orchestra, 2 positions in Row J; and in the Rear Orchestra, 4 positions in Row AA, which is a raised platform. Companion seating for all these positions is also provided. The balcony section is not wheelchair accessible; there is no elevator or escalator to get to the second level (balcony). ADA seats are available direct from the box office. Call 732-842-9000 during regular box office hours.

Automatic Entrance
An automatic door opener is located on the far left exterior door (easily operated by pushing) and will lead you to the lobby. Please be aware that our staff is available to assist you, whenever possible.

The wheelchair accessible restroom is located at the far end of the interior lobby, under the stairway.

Water is available at all of our concession stands, and may be requested free of charge if a patron requires it for medications. Please ask our staff if you require assistance.

Concession Stands
Upon request from visually impaired individuals, concession stand sales personnel will verbally provide price information. Sales personnel will be happy to retrieve merchandise for patrons who require assistance. Concession stands are located on the lower level of the theatre. Note: The balcony level is not accessible to wheelchairs. A souvenir concession stand is located in the lobby where you can purchase Count Basie Theatre t-shirts, hats, mugs and other show memorabilia.

Service Animals/Guide Dogs
Service animals are welcome at the Count Basie Theatre. In order to avoid hazardous situations, they will rest in the patron's seating area during the performance.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures
Count Basie Theatre personnel have been thoroughly trained in emergency evacuation procedures to ensure the safe evacuation of all patrons, including those patrons with disabilities, in the case of an emergency.


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